Dark days

I’m peering down into the roiling center of a bottomless vortex. My feet are already ensnared and I fear and desire its pull as I feel it inexorably drawing me down into its coils. The waves of  madness engulf me, extinguishing the remnants of sanity— I grasp at them, but they shred and recede just out of my reach.

The normal eludes me. Always an outsider, yet camouflaged by a semblance of normality that fools everyone. Why is reality so unreal? What I think is real and true obeys a logic that only I understand. It baffles the sane.

I’m hovering between the darkness, horrible, yet familiar, and the light— blindingly repellent. Teetering.


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4 responses to “Dark days

  1. Diane Vacca

    In “About me” I explain that not everything I write should be taken literally.

  2. lisa

    i see, good… reminds me a lot of sylvia plath…

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