That *!&$*! tax cut deal

It’s very upsetting that Obama had to accede to the Republican demand that tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans not expire, that with control of both the House and the Senate the Democrats have a hard time getting anything done. Sure, they’re angry. I’m angry too. Especially since it looks as though Obama caved without so much as a quibble, let alone a real fight. But what choice did he have in the face of a certain filibuster?

Those Democrats who plan to vote against the deal that Obama cut with the GOP– what are they smoking? How can they possibly believe that they’ll get a better deal when the Republicans have even greater sway? If they vote against Obama’s deal, all the tax cuts will expire, the unemployed will get no relief at all and the economy won’t benefit from the spending they have to do to survive. The president and the Democrats would be demonized– not the Republicans, to be sure– for scuttling unemployment benefits and raising taxes on the people who can least afford the increase.

The Republicans don’t want the economy to improve. Their primary objective is to defeat Obama in 2012, so they can’t allow the Democrats to claim credit for turning the economy around.

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