The WikiLeaks Conundrum

I’m wondering: with what crime will Julian Assange be charged?

Julian Assange

(Other than rape, which happened so conveniently.) Not treason, of course, because he hasn’t betrayed his country, which is Australia, not the U.S. Not any kind of theft– because he didn’t steal the cables; someone else did. Not for espionage: he wasn’t paid (as far as we know) by one country to gather secrets from another. Not even for publishing state secrets: the vast majority of the cables are in his possession, but not available to the public. Those relatively few that have been published Assange first released to a few select newspapers, who edited and redacted, and in the case of the New York Times at least, also consulted with the State Department to further purge them of any names of informants, etc. Only after the cables appeared in the press did Assange make them available on the WikiLeaks web site, complete with redactions. What’s left? I’m sure somebody’s working overtime to find some statute he violated.

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