Crackdown in Tahrir: Egypt bleeds

Graffiti on Egyptian armored personnel carrier: "Down with Mubarak", "No Mubarak", "Mubarak the tyrant has fallen" and "30 years stealing and unfairness.. enough is enough.. leave.. NOW"

It’s hard to concentrate on anything but Egypt and the horrendous turn of events. Mubarak has sent thugs armed with machetes, straight-razors and clubs to provoke and attack his citizens, reports Nick Kristof. Al Jazeera shows the attackers mounted on camels and horses charging into the peaceful crowd. Egyptians are tweeting that Mubarak is deliberately instigating violence to provide the pretext for a brutal suppression of the yearning for democracy.

How long does it take for the strongman to understand that the corruption and coercion of his 30-year rule have finally broken his camel’s back? To recognize that his people are united against him? That he is helpless to reverse the inexorable rising tide of a people speaking with one voice? When will he relinquish his feeble hold on the remnants of authority and his rapidly ebbing power?

Money and power seduce those who lust after them into believing in their own uniqueness and invincibility. Convinced that the lessons of history don’t apply to them, they are confident they will dominate indefinitely, oblivious to the signs evident to everyone else.

Mubarak, for the sake of a great nation, spare your citizens, call back your thugs and leave in peace while you can.

(Photo by Monasosh)

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