Diary of a fledgling vegetarian

I am trying out being a vegetarian by degrees beginning this month, and I intend to track my success or lack thereof in this online diary. I did mean to begin posting on February 1, but the protests in Egypt attracted all my attention.

Well, this is the third day of the month, but it’s only the first day—so far—that I’ve toed the line.

On February 1 we received an impromptu invitation from close friends, one that I wouldn’t dream of rejecting— so much so, that when Lilly said she had two pounds of salmon, I didn’t blink. Or think. Only when we were seated at the table did I realize what I was doing. My face must have fallen, for Lilly looked at me and asked what was wrong— I told her, and resolved to begin the next day.

The second day, I thought I was fine, until I realized that the delicious vegetable soup I was enjoying so much my husband had made with chicken broth. Which I had bought. Without thinking. Again.

Today I made black bean soup— connecting with my Cuban self— and refrained from adding chorizo. It was really good.

In subsequent posts I’ll explain what led me to renounce beef two years ago and why I’ve decided to do without meat (and chicken and fish) at least for a month.


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2 responses to “Diary of a fledgling vegetarian

  1. ericascime

    I went vegetarian a couple years ago and it has been an amazing experience. Its a bit tough at first but you may just come to love it 🙂 Good luck on your veggie journey!

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