Perigee Moon (201103190001HQ)

Perigee moon at Lincoln Memorial

On March 19 the full moon was 221,566 miles distant from the Earth—as close as it comes, because the moon’s orbit is elliptical. The point nearest to Earth on the lunar orbit is the perigee and the farthest, the apogee. The actual distances vary over an 18-year cycle; the last super moon was in 1993. The perigeean full moon appears larger and brighter than the apogeean one.

For more pictures of the supermoon, go here and here and here.

Photo: Bill Ingalls, NASA


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2 responses to “Supermoon

  1. John S.

    Great investigative work by the V.B.I. ! Superb photographs!

  2. Francesco e Giovanni Vacca

    Sono delle bellissime foto !!!!!!!!

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