Father and daughter face down goons in Damascus

Amina is A gay girl in Damascus. She writes her superlative blog as “An out Syrian lesbian’s thoughts on life, the universe and so on …”. Though she has dual citizenship, having lived and studied in the U.S., she movingly explains why she’s chosen to fight alongside “My father, the hero” for a new Syria (“MY DAD had just defeated them! Not with weapons but with words…”). I urge you to explore her “observations from what has become a front-row seat at the Revolution”:

For an oppressive system to work … it needs just one thing: for the great majority of the people to actually believe that the state is mighty and vicious and to be afraid of it.

… And the moment that we stopped being afraid, the earth shook.

The regime cannot long survive if the people no longer are scared.

I followed twitterers in Libya until their voices were silenced. I will follow Amina, hoping she continues to be safe and keeps writing her powerful blog.

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