Stephen Colbert vs Citizens United, ctd.

The most interesting angle of Colbert’s creating his own Super PAC is the effect he could have on GOP luminaries like Sarah Palin and Karl Rove.

Stephen Colbert holding money aloft outside FEC (Photo by Sunlight Foundation)

Stephen Colbert went to Washington last Friday to personally deliver a petition to the Federal Election Commission requesting permission to promote his PAC on his show. Viacom, the parent company that owns the network, is not happy about Colbert’s plan. The FEC could rule against Colbert, saying that any airtime granted by Viacom to Colbert would count as a donation.

“Karl Rove is a paid employee of Fox News, and he gets to talk about his Super PAC, American Crossroads, all the time,” complained Colbert on his show.

And that’s the kicker: the FEC could deny Colbert’s petition, refusing to allow him to promote himself and his PAC on air. Such a decision would necessarily have to be applied to the other networks as well. Republicans paid by Fox who are connected to PACS—Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Mike Huckabee and others— would no longer be able to promote their candidacies and policies on the Fox network. On the other hand, if the FEC grants Colbert’s request, then he will be free to collect money for ads mocking Republicans.

Either way, the comedian is taking on both the Republican establishment and the Supreme Court’s notorious Citizens United decision.

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