Sen. Rand Paul assails the Patriot Act

(Montage of Sen. Rand’s remarks by Talking Points Memo)

Opposing the extension of three provisions of the Patriot Act without debate, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Thursday eloquently argued in favor of restoring the civil liberties abrogated by that legislation. I don’t normally agree with Rand, but in this we are absolutely on the same page. We share the some of the concerns I expressed in the article I published earlier this week at Women’s Voices for Change: “We have authorized the government to eavesdrop on every telephone call, scan every email and search private records and property, all without the owner’s knowledge or consent.”

“Just because we believe in the Constitution doesn’t mean we don’t want to capture terrorists. We just want to have some rules,” Rand insisted. “Do you want them trolling through your Facebook? Do you want them trolling through your emails? Do we want a government that is unrestrained by law?”

Ultimately, Rand’s efforts were in vain. The Senate voted to renew the expiring sections like the notorious library provision, which allows the government to examine the list of books anyone checks out from the library without the subject’s knowledge or consent.

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