Irene’s fury

Even now, more than a week later, the people Irene flooded out of their homes are looking for shelter and trying to cope with catastrophic loss.

Hurricane Irene damage in Vermont
(U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill)

Brian Halligan’s Pittsfield, Vt., home was destroyed by floods that followed Hurricane Irene. Halligan said Sept. 2, 2011, that the National Guard is one part of a team of neighbors and local, state and federal responders who have helped.

In Sagaponack, the power knocked out by Irene came back after five days, cable/internet after six. And the storm wasn’t even a hurricane! What should we expect when a full-bodied hurricane hits?

Two trees felled by Irene

And then came the cleanup: three big trees felled by the storm. The insult of the power saws’ clamor was surpassed by the injury of seeing the dismemberment of graceful bodies. With no remnant of the respect they once commanded, the  hacked limbs were strewn about, waiting for the final humiliation, when the chipper would grind them up and spit them out.

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