First Amendment thought for the day




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17 responses to “First Amendment thought for the day

  1. Human power

    That’s pretty much the worst typography I’ve ever seen in public.

  2. Devin Croft

    The text on the sign should be much, much larger.

  3. Susan Kirby

    Would ROFL if it weren’t so true!
    If religious people find this billboard offensive then they understand how I feel about their religious demands and intolerance of others not EXACTLY like them.

  4. Rich (in Name only) in reno

    This sign reminds me of an old joke my late father told me; it’s about two women who have been abused by the same parish priest, and are comparing notes:

    “He told me it was `Aaron’s Rod,’ and I’d be forever blessed were I pierced with it.”

    “He told me it was `Gabriel’s Trumpet,’ and that I was to blow it.”

  5. Christian no more

    We need more of these kinds of signs!!! Also, about one in four of our wonderful god promoting priest are homosexual and like little boys as well. A truely sad state of affairs. However, this has been going on in the priesthood for centuries, but only recently been exposed for the terrible thing that it is!

    • Peter in Vancouver, Canada

      Pedophiles are NOT homosexual but sick straight men ..

      • More Accurately

        Maybe a better way to say that is pedophiles aren’t “straight” or “gay,” but sick men who desire either young girls, young boys, or both.

      • Justin

        Peter, I wouldn’t make an absolute like Pedophiles are NOT homosexuals. How about “Being a pedophile does not necessarily make one a homosexual, or vice versa.” : D

  6. tt

    Fish symbols = truck nuts for religious types.

  7. There is a lot of spouting off going on. We just have to consolidate what is important and work on that rather than pet issues and special interests.

  8. JJG

    I know it’s easy to do, but I just don’t like joking about priests/ministers abuse of children. I like the intention of this sign, but not the metaphors. I also appreciate the distinctions made about pedophiles and sexual orientation.

  9. ppula reblogged this on Near Life Experience and commented: Ohh My! So true!

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