Epic collision

Three of the seven Ferraris shattered on the Chugoku Expwy (Kyodo News/Associated Press )

All crashes are expensive, but Sunday’s pileup in Japan must have set a record. Not even James Bond trashed so many expensive cars at once.

Eight Ferraris and a Lamborghini piled into a $4,000,000 heap of twisted metal—14 cars in all, including two Mercedes Benzes traveling on the other side of the road. The 20 expensive sports cars were driving from the island of Kyushu to Hiroshima. The road was wet, and it’s conjectured that the lead Ferrari skidded as it was rounding a turn and crashed into the guard rail. The other cars weren’t able to brake soon enough before they slammed into one another. About 10 people suffered minor injuries.

I hope the insurance policies weren’t all held by the same company.

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