Women of Egypt protest abuse in Tahrir Square

Outraged by the violence done to women by Egyptian soldiers, a large crowd of women raised their signs high as they marched in protest against the military in Cairo. Their posters bore the image of a woman whose hijab veil had been torn away by soldiers in Tahrir Square, revealing her blue bra. This video shows her being kicked, beaten and dragged along the street.

Never before, according to the New York Times, have the women of patriarchal Egypt demonstrated in such numbers. Earlier this year, only a handful of women turned out in response to a call for action in Tahrir Square.

Over the weekend, officials insisted that there was no violence against the protesters. But Tuesday’s demonstration, added to the widely circulated video, wrested this apology from the ruling military council:

“The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces expresses its utmost sorrow for the great women of Egypt, for the violations that took place during the recent events,” read the council’s statement. “It stresses its great appreciation for the women of Egypt and for their right to protest and to actively, positively participate in political life on the path of democratic transition.”

Let’s see how well that goes.

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