Come back soon, Gabby

Gabby Giffords and President Obama at SOTU (

I don’t think anyone was really surprised when former Representative Gabby Giffords announced last week that she would resign her seat in the House of Representatives. After surviving a would-be assassin’s shot to her head, she showed tremendous grit and determination as she fought for her life and undertook therapy to regain her speech and ability to walk.

Gabby Giffords hugging Daniel Hernandez, the former intern who saved her life

Gifford’s progress has been greater than anyone had a right to expect, given the devastating damage to her brain. But on the first anniversary of the shooting, Giffords decided to resign her seat, announcing her decision in a video she posted on Facebook.

Most reactions included admiration for her tenacity, praise for her as a person and encouragement for her continued recovery.

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This post was updated after the State of the Union speech.

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