Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner on journalism

After critics panned the first scenes of “Mad Men” Season 5, Matthew Weiner defended them to the Times, asserting the historicity of the opener. The waterbomb scene couldn’t be more authentic— it was taken directly from the pages of The New York Times of May 28, 1966. Even the dialogue was verbatim.

In the background of the “Mad Men” scene, Weiner placed a reporter taking notes as he witnessed the ad agency’s dismissive reaction to the outrage of the people who’d been soaked. He may have been there on a routine assignment, but instead he broke a story that landed on the front page.

Brenda Starr

About the lucky reporter who was in the right place at the right time, Weiner said,

He is the poster for why somebody would want to be a journalist when they grow up.

And then he tossed a bouquet to the profession:

The whole thing smacks of adventure and intellect.

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