Fabulous hats

"Rondelle" by Aaron Keppel.
Matted straw, wood veneer, silk chiffon.

"African Queen" by Lisa Shaub
Velour fur felt Shibori dyed, painted and silvered

Too bad the show lasted only one night. “One Block Many Milliners” featured 48 marvelous hats, all initially shaped on the same wooden block. Each milliner was given free rein in every other respect: material, trimmings, etc. The results couldn’t be more different. The hats are glamorous, offbeat, outrageous and beautiful. Read my “Milliners’ Challenge,” Part One to see more.

"Princess Leia" by Judith Solodkin
Woven paper, cellophane, Sinamay straw, acrylic wool blend.

"Crazy Quilt" by Abigail Aldridge
Buckram, vintage and new textiles

Photos by Diane Vacca


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2 responses to “Fabulous hats

  1. kathleenlisson

    Love the Crazy Quilt hat. Perfect with a little black dress?

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