Kitty toilet-training milestone

If you’ve never had a cat or shared a bathroom with a litter box, you probably won’t appreciate my excitement.

I’m toilet-training my kittens and looking forward to never having to smell or clean a litter pan again.

Brûlé and Zulú came into our lives last October, when they were four and two months old, respectively. Brûlé is a sweetheart: he’s always climbing into my lap while I’m at the computer (most of the time), hugging and kissing me. He’s laid-back and timid with strangers. Zulú, on the other hand, is wired and wiry. He’s affectionate too, when he isn’t too busy. He’s all muscle from constantly running and leaping.

Photo: Aston Lau

Brûlé, who’s very sweet but not as quick as his little brother, nevertheless made an easy transition from the litter box on his own. He’s been perching on the toilet seat with all four paws for weeks. Zulú, on the other hand, just couldn’t get the hang of it. He kept all four paws in the litter and turned circles and tossed out litter in frustration. But tonight, as he was getting ready to poop, I put his paws on the seat and held my breath. Hallelujah! He did it! He still has two paws to go, but but this was a big step. The photo (right) will give you the idea of the goal. (Update below)

Of course, now that they know that they’ll get a treat when they use the toilet, they wait for me. As soon as I come home or get up in the morning, they run to the bathroom and take turns. Zulú even paws around the litter again, not long after he’s gone, trying to earn another treat.

I’ve posted this domestic vignette to encourage other lovers of cats who may wish to try toilet training. It takes time and a lot of patience— how many times did I clean up the results of Zulú’s impatience and frustration from the carpet and even our bed?— but staying focused on the goal of a clean, normal bathroom with no litter box is paying off. The end’s in sight.

Update (Possibly more than you want to know):

The next day Zulú went right back to putting all four paws in the litter. This morning, however, he surprised me. He got up on the toilet seat with all four paws and proceeded to do his business. Just one problem: he was facing in, so the poop fell on the floor instead. At least that was very easy to clean up. I’m glad his bladder wasn’t full.

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  1. Salvatore Vacca

    Can’t wait so I can have my bathroom back

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