Biden v. Ryan: “That’s a bunch of malarkey”

The battle-worn hero burst into the ring with both guns blazing and pulled despairing Democrats back from the brink. The showdown was between unevenly matched opponents: Joe Biden was living history in the Senate at the same time that Paul Ryan was learning it at school.

Still, Paul Ryan acquitted himself very well. He never lost his cool, even when it was clear that he was in over his head.  I almost felt sorry for the senator when he was cornered by the VP. Ryan couldn’t up with specifics, like the tax loopholes that Romney’s budget would close and how they would be enough to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy without raising taxes on middle incomes.

Ryan charged that Obama’s foreign policy was embarrassing and weakening America. “That’s a bunch of malarkey.” Biden fired back, then enumerated the president’s many successes.

After enduring several of Biden’s caffeinated volleys, Ryan smilingly remarked, “I think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.”

Biden shot back, “but I always say what I mean.”

And cheers for Martha Raddatz! No question that she nailed it. The seasoned journalist asked the questions on most voters’ minds. She aggressively pressed for answers and neither man even attempted to challenge her authority.

This VP debate was anticipated like no other before, and the lively confrontation didn’t disappoint.

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