Andrew Sullivan’s Cheat Sheet for Obama

Andrew Sullivan’s notorious rants excoriating Pres. Obama for “self-immolating” on live TV with 67 million people watching still echo through the blogosphere. Though a conservative, Sullivan is a staunch supporter of the president. He couldn’t contain his anger at Obama for letting him and all his supporters down “with a performance so execrable, so lazy, so feckless, and so vain….”

IMHO, Sullivan redeemed himself today on the Chris Matthews Show. (See a video of the show here. It’s worth watching for Sullivan’s performance.) He could barely control his passion and anger, beseeching Obama to defend his record proudly and call out Romney’s “lies.” For years I’ve watched Chris Matthews repeatedly ride roughshod over his guests with obstreperous interruptions— today was the first time I saw him wordless, blown away by Sully’s harangue.

What should Obama say to Romney at the next debate, asked Matthews. Sully coached:

I’m for 100 percent of Americans; he’s for 47 percent.

He’s a severe conservative when he needed to be, now he’s gonna be a moderate when he needs to be, and who knows which president’s going to show up in January.

What can Obama do when Romney tells lie after lie, Matthews wanted to know.

Stare the guy down— you look him right in the eye, and you watch him lie: I know you’re lying, you know you’re lying, and I’m about to rip your [unintelligible] off!

Moreover, continued Sullivan,

He should be angry if these people have the gall to talk to him about the deficit, the gall to talk to him about foreign policy after their record!

Sullivan complained that Obama’s

never really strongly defended his record with anger and passion. He’s never said, “Look, are you kidding me? I ended the second Great Depression!”

I want to see some passion in the guy! I want to see [him say] the fact that he passed universal health care (which was more than any other president). I want to see him defend what he’s done in defusing what was a growing religious global war. I do want him to defend his decimation of al-Qaeda. I want him to defend five million new jobs. I want him to defend getting the worst situation any president has been handed and handled it with ZERO help from the opposition for four years!

And while he’s at it, I’d love to see Obama breathe life into the no-longer mentioned vision of 2008: measures like cap and trade to combat global warming, campaign finance and immigration reform. I’d like him to promote his American Jobs Act— blocked by the same Republicans who now accuse him of not creating enough jobs.

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