Video: Con Ed explosion during Superstorm Sandy

Amazing footage. It’s long, so the action begins at 0:18 to 0:36 and again at 3:02 to 3:31.

The explosions began around 9 pm when the tunnels were flooded and Superstorm Sandy was at its peak, battering Manhattan with especially high tides crowning a record surge of more than 13 feet. In the East Village, a  substation of Con Ed on 14th Street near the East River exploded spectacularly. All of Lower Manhattan lost power. The darkness extended from the tip of the island to 39th Street.

Con Ed  had deliberately turned off the power to the neighborhoods below the Brooklyn Bridge in order to prevent exactly what happened. They anticipated flooding, but not at the record high levels. (Why not? Weren’t they paying attention?)

John Miksad, senior vice president of electric operations at Con Ed, told the the Village Voice that the section of Lower Manhattan that was preventively blacked out should have its power restored in 3-4 days. North of the bridge to 39th Street won’t have power for at least a week. But they don’t really know. They are in “uncharted waters” (pun intended?), said Miksad.

If you’d like to help Sandy’s victims by volunteering and/or donating, here’s a place to start.

Video by TrillianMedia

Correction: The Wall Street Journal was previously cited erroneously.

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