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Adding to Nick Kristof’s annual giving guide, Bill and Melinda Gates help you find causes that will excite your passions. In Making the Most of Your Holiday Giving, they offer suggestions like

  • Catapult, launched just two months ago, is a crowdfunding site that helps organizations raise funds for projects to advance gender equality. Once a project has reached its fundraising goal, 100% of the funds are sent to the organization. Catapult expects partners to update donors at least twice on how their money is being put to work — 90 days and one year after funding has been received.
  • Since 2006, charity: water has raised more than $75 million to build thousands of freshwater wells, rainwater catchments, and biosand filters in developing countries. One hundred percent of the funds they raise from the public go directly to water projects to help the 800 million people worldwide without access to clean water.
  • DonorsChoose.org was started in 2000 by a social studies teacher in the Bronx. Teachers from around the U.S. post classroom project requests on the site — everything from crayons for a kindergarten art class to seeds for starting a vegetable garden. Donors can give any amount they want, and for a limited time, ever dollar donated to STEM projects on the site will be matched if you enter the code HOLIDAY at checkout.
  • Gifts that Give is a for-profit shopping website that contributes 20% of every merchandise sale to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. Shoppers can choose from more than 1.2 million nonprofits and over 5,000 products.

For more suggestions, continue reading at Making the Most of Your Holiday Giving.

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