Hillary kicks ass on the Hill

After hours of thoughtfully responding to legitimate questions about the Benghazi attack, including security at the consulate, the military’s defensive actions and State’s communication about the event to the American people, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was confronted by a belligerent Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). As Clinton attempted to answer his questions and refute his accusations, Johnson repeatedly interrupted her, cutting her off in mid-sentence and imposing his onslaughts over her voice.

“When you’re in these positions, the last thing you want to do is interfere with any other process going on —” Clinton began. 

Johnson broke her off. “I realize that’s a good excuse,” he interjected, essentially accusing Clinton of lying.

A person can take only so much. “No, it’s a fact,” she fired back. When Johnson didn’t allow her to continue, Clinton lost her patience and found her temper. Clearly exasperated, she raised her voice and her hands. “With all due respect, the fact is we had FOUR, DEAD, AMERICANS…” Emphatically, she proceeded to sum up the salient facts on the ground and set him straight.

Johnson had no more questions. The following day he fabricated a scurilous rejoinder.

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