Malala: inspiration to the world


Targeted by the Taliban for her outspoken advocacy of  education for girls and for having “Western ideas,” 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head last October on her way home from school in Pakistan. She was shot for continuing her education in defiance of the Taliban, who had decreed that schools would be closed to girls. The assassin’s bullet was meant to kill Malala, but it failed, shattering her eardrum and grazing her brain instead. It neither silenced her nor diminished her determination to fight for her beliefs.

The day after a successful five-hour procedure to repair her skull with a titanium plate and restore her hearing with a cochlear implant, Malala shook off the daze of anaesthesia and spoke to the world. She made the video above before the surgery. Speaking from her hospital bed and surrounded by cards sent by well-wishers all over the world, she said she’s getting better “because of the prayers of people.” Because of those prayers, she said, “God has given me a new life” to continue what she knows is her mission — to fight for the right of every child to be educated. She announced that she’s created the Malala Fund for that purpose.

Malala has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.

Today you can see that I am alive. I can speak, I can see you, I can see everyone. …

And I’m getting better day by day. It’s just because of the prayers of people. Because all people – men, women, children – all of them have prayed for me. And because of these prayers God has given me this new life, a second life.

And I want to serve. I want to serve the people. I want every girl, every child, to be educated. For that reason, we have organized Malala Fund.

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