Laughing (and crying) with Vero


Veronica Osorio

I first saw the very talented Veronica Osorio at the Upright Citizens Brigade, a premier comedy club in New York City. She was performing solo, playing five different parts in a sketch she had written herself. Each was “The First Woman on the Moon” — a feminist reaction to the fact that no women astronauts have made it to the moon.

The self-styled “20-something comedian who thinks stuff” blogs about her life and her work. A native of Venezuela, she’s una Latina graciosa at the same time she’s an Americana who loves to have fun and wants others to laugh with her. Brutally honest, a performer and a writer, funny and engaging and — but it’s best to let Vero speak for herself.

Watch her as the Manic Pixie Prostitute with Dan Hodapp:

Written by Leila Cohan-Miccio and directed by Adam Sacks.

Last September, Osorio blogged:

Who am I. Who am I. Sometimes there’s no information and sometimes there’s all the information. How do you come to your self?

She was about to find out.

A near-fatal accident turned her life upside down the day after Thanksgiving.

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