Where are the “Esquire”s for women?

Have you ever wondered why there are no women’s magazines (or at least none that I know of) that have articles with food for the mind? Articles that are not about parenting, hormones, recipes, makeup, fashion, family — any subject traditionally associated with women? There are, of course, feminist publications that are certainly serious, but their content is narrowly focused.

I thought about this when I submitted a piece about a woman intellectual and the reaction to the controversial remarks she made in one of her books. My article was rejected because … it was too serious, too “scholarly” and — dare I say it — too intellectual.

Granted, there are publications for which “intellectual” articles are not suited. But why is there no feminine equivalent to Esquire? Women who want to read about general cultural issues, politics, public debates — anything that falls outside the purview of women’s magazines — go to the New Yorker or the New York Review of Books and many others that are not specifically aimed at women.

I’m not arguing that every publication should be “gendered.” I am, as I said above, wondering why men have “serious” outlets and women don’t.

Just sayin’ …

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