Safer in Syria than US?

Beersheba_War_CemeteryThe monthly rate of killings by gunshot in the U.S. is 1-1/2 times GREATER than it is for killings by air strikes in war-torn Syria.

More than 3,300 people have been fatally shot in the U.S. since the Newtown Massacre last December. A report by Human Rights Watch estimates that death rained down from the skies on more than 4,300 people in Syria since last July.

Do the math (I did). Every month, an average of 825 people are killed by guns in the U.S., and 537 people are killed by missiles and bombs in Syria. 

The monthly rate of gun fatalities in the U.S. is extrapolated from the 3,300 shot since December, and the Syrian monthly rate is based on the 4,300 who died over nine months.

But don’t be fooled. An American is not 1-1/2 times more likely to be shot than a Syrian. This comparison between the number of people killed in Syria and those shot in the based on absolute numbers, i.e., the large difference in population is left out of the equation. The population of Syria is estimated to be not quite 14 percent of the U.S. population.  Taking this difference into account, a Syrian is actually twice as likely to be killed by a bomb or a missile as an American is to be gunned down.

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