Dirty Coal and Dirty Money

CoalSmokeStacksCoal is dirty and deadly:

Miners die of black lung, emphysema, kidney disease, brain tumors and other cancers, if they aren’t first killed in mining accidents.

One of the byproducts of coal mining is a toxic sludge that poisons the earth and discharges toxins into ground- and drinking water. Strip mining and mountain top removal devastate the landscape and sicken people.

Burning coal releases contaminants like highly toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.), noxious gases and particulates into the air.

And that’s just for openers.

There is no such thing as clean coal, though the industry spends millions of dollars in advertising to convince the public otherwise and lavishes even more millions on politicians to buy their votes. And they are winning.   

This is the first in the Dirty Money series about issues that harm the public. The common theme is the widespread corruption in politics — the de facto control of Congress bought by vested interests with millions of dollars.

The video below illustrates the effects of coal on people and the environment.

The next post in this series will have graphics showing where and how the coal industry buys influence in Washington. Previous articles on coal are here and here.

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