Ending of a late summer day


Pier 1 Cafe in Waterfront Park

We meandered down from the street along the ramp with strollers and bicycles to the river bank below. The breeze picked up as we neared the river and the setting sun flirted with the Jersey horizon.

Under the incessant roar of the cars on the highway above, couples and families and parties of young adults laughed and chattered and enjoyed the lingering light of the fast-fading afternoon.

Waterfront Park Pier

Waterfront Park Pier

We had left the hard surfaces of concrete, glass and asphalt and entered an emerald city. The grass was intensely and uniformly green, and the underpinnings of the elevated highway far above were a freshly painted jade.


As dusk devolved into darkness, the crowd thinned. Parents took their young children home. The traffic settled down to a whisper, and those who could stayed to watch the riverboats ply the Hudson against the twinkling backdrop of the Jersey skyline.

Thank you, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, for opening the riverfront to New Yorkers.

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