Multi-tasking. Life used to be simpler

My daughter’s getting married. I’m wildly happy, so I’m not complaining, but it ain’t as simple as it sounds. The wedding and my daughter are on the other side of the continent; she’s making all the decisions and we never before texted and spoke so much. It’s wonderful, and we’re closer than ever, but … so much to do …

There are plane tickets to book and coordinate for four different people with four different itineraries that must overlap on one of the multi-city legs, but the travel dates and times are dependent on events that are still being planned. Resolve issues with the wedding website and RSVPs; rummage through the virtual attic for the items my daughter’s requested that she may want to borrow and have them ready for our scheduled Skype call tomorrow.

It’s almost midnight.

The end-of-the-month bills are still waiting to be paid. There’s a conflict to be resolved between a must-go-to zoning board meeting and another not-to-be deferred appointment; the handyman needs time to attempt to repair the valve that is driving us crazy with its wailing 24/7; important calls have to be made and notes to neglected friends must be written and …

When will I finish the story promised for tomorrow that I couldn’t get to today? 

What’s happening with Obama and Kerry and Syria? What signal do we send to terrorists and tyrants if we don’t respond to the gas attacks? What box of Pandora’s will a missile strike open? Another war? Angrier enemies? New ones? More attacks on the U.S.? 

I had to post something to this blog because I resolved to do so every day, but I can’t find the time to write about global issues when I’m caught up in the quagmire of household minutiae.

Tomorrow is another day. I’ll take a page from Scarlett. Lean in.

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