N.S.A., “electronic omnivore”

Hezbollah eavesdropping and recording station 2006

Hezbollah eavesdropping and recording station 2006

It’s surprising to me how little outrage there’s been on the part of Americans regarding the revelations in the data dump Edward Snowden released. I’ve been thinking about the death of privacy, how it’s happening, and why Americans, especially younger ones, don’t seem to mind.

Scott Shane’s report for the New York  Times on the reach and breadth of the N.S.A. is shocking in its particulars, despite how much we already knew. The N.S.A. is the biggest snoop, but certainly not the only one. Think about the ubiquity of surveillance cameras. I’ve written about the extent of Google’s data trove and its immortality.

What are the implications for the general public, for individuals like you and me? Even if you believe you have nothing to hide, do you really want the contents of your personal email and web searches, every charge on your credit card, every phone conversation  permanently warehoused and available for perusal by strangers or government agencies without your knowledge or consent?

Those of you who aren’t bothered by the blanket surveillance, would you please write and tell me why?


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