Like Pig Pen’s scribble

Pig-PenWhen somebody asked me what I was feeling today, two days before Thanksgiving, I thought for a moment, searching for the right words to describe the clamor in my head, all the to-dos screaming for attention, when Pig Pen, the little Peanuts character, popped up. Remember him? Pig-Pen has his own personal dust cloud that always hovers around him, but that’s not what we have in common. It’s that frazzled, jangled, disconcerted look—what to do first? I have a neglected blog, a complicated story I’m working on, cookie dough in the refrigerator and Christmas cookies to bake, Thanksgiving food to prepare, an interview to write up, a book to promote that I also have to read, bills to pay, phone calls to make— Aaaarrrgh!

Does anybody else feel like this? Some of my friends even have Hanukkah to prepare for. Somebody, somewhere out there, must feel a little overwhelmed too?

I wonder if men ever feel like this. They are certainly more involved with childcare and household tasks than their dads, and especially their granddads, ever were. I’m all for leaning in, but it’s still women who do the multitasking.

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