Photoshopped and dismembered: distortion and violence to women

The beautiful, perfect bodies and faces of models and celebrities are truly digital fantasies. They aren’t real; they are created to sell products and make money. The video shows how models and movie stars are digitally “improved.”

Even the most beautiful models are not the same as their real-life images. Their waists and thighs are digitally thinned, the lines and blemishes on their faces are brushed out, their breasts are enhanced and enlarged until they resemble an imagined ideal. Women and girls who are constantly bombarded by these images of a perfection that is, by definition, unattainable, are conditioned to dislike their own imperfect bodies.

Watch the video. In just five minutes, Jean Kilbourne, whose work has focused on the image of women in advertising, unmasks the charade. Objectifying women by reducing them to a hand or a leg or a face is dehumanizing and inevitably leads to violence against them, says Kilbourne. Think of the depiction of slaves, wartime enemies, members of foreign religions — any group that is different from the majority – they are demonized and dehumanized in order to justify the violence done against them.

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