The sun rises Tuesday morning on Manhattan’s Upper Westside:

IMG_1427IMG_1432The picture on the left was taken at 7:16 a.m. Across the river in New Jersey just a very few buildings are light on top and the landscape behind them is still dark. The second shot is a mere two minutes later, yet the shadows cast by the taller buildings to the east are lower and much of the land across the Hudson is now bathed in light.

At 7:16, the buildings are still in shadow in Manhattan and across the river. A minute later,

IMG_1429 there’s a notable difference in the amount of light reaching the buildings.

and even more before the minute is up.

But in no time the clouds take over. The sun disappears. Light snow starts to fall within the hour. Another two hours and the snow whirls about in earnest.IMG_1435

Mid-afternoon and the blue sky is a distant memory. IMG_1443
The golden buildings are barely discernible in the blizzard.

The first serious snow of the new year, appropriately named Janus.

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