“You know how to whistle, don’t you?”

Lauren_bacall_promo_photoIn a sultry voice, looking back with her famous “Look,” Lauren Bacall  instructed Humphey Bogart to “put your lips together and … blow.”

That scene firmly affixed Bacall’s star in the Hollywood firmament.  She was only a teenager at the time, and it was her first movie, “To Have and Have Not.”  Bacall captivated a generation and her costar as well. From that time forward, she and Bogart became an item, then costars and partners in a marriage  that lasted until Bogart’s death.

I’ll never forget Bacall in her Tony-Award winning role as “Woman of the Year.” She was 56 and she dominated the stage. She played a beautiful, competent woman caught in the classic cliché: professional career or satisfying love life.  She says she can have both: “I’m one of the girls who’s one of the boys.”

RIP, Lauren Bacall.

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