Noir Nation No. 5 – Jihad and its Metaphors

NoirNation5An unabashed plug for Noir Nation, a journal of international crime fiction. Also includes nonfiction, interviews, and tattoos —
Because everything interesting happens in the shadows . . .

The latest issue, No. 5 – Jihad and its Metaphors, explores the current conflict in Syria and Iraq from perspectives available only to fiction.

I am proud to have contributed in several ways to No. 5, not the least of which is an interview with Naïri Nahapétian, a journalist and novelist writing in exile about her native Iran. Fiction gives her the liberty to murder the Ayatollah, from a distance.

Noir Nation  No. 5 – Jihad and its Metaphors is available

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The Journal advances works of the literary imagination that explore the darker geographies of human experience. It aims to entertain readers while deepening their insight about human nature, about themselves or about themselves if new circumstances changed them into the characters portrayed in our digital pages; to explore the relationship between crime fiction, film, and body art; and to help build an international community of people with similar interests.

There is also a book imprint with the same aims as the Journal, but it focuses on literary works by a single author.


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