Polite works

IMG_0027I’m reading Joan Biskupic’s new book about the political wheeling and dealing behind the nomination and confirmation of judges on the federal bench and Justice Sonia Sotomayor in particular. It’s a good read, especially for me as a Latina with a passion for politics.

Since I agreed to review the book for Womens Voices For Change, there’s a deadline looming, so I usually carry the book with me. Two days ago, before the rains set in, the weather in New York was at its best. I was walking through the park and sat down to read on a bench in the flickering sunlight under the trees.

A few chapters later, I became aware that a figure was hovering over me.

With a quiet voice, he told me that his crew had finished blowing the leaves— he pointed up the path— and would I like to take a bench up there. I understood that he was letting me know that the leaf-blowers were on their way. His courtesy and consideration were (sadly) unexpected — I’ve been caught unawares in a dust storm of leaves before — so I quickly gathered my things and moved on. His gentle and respectful demeanor cheered me for the rest of the day.

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