5 facts about Puerto Rican voters, pa’que tu lo sepas

Think you know the Boricua? Watch (next post), laugh, read and learn from Natasha Del Toro.

Thanks to Fusion.net


As midterm elections approach, all eyes are on the Puerto Ricans, who could swing key contests.

In the video above, we go deep into Central Florida to find out what’s on the minds of these voters. But based on the comments section from the last time we wrote about Puerto Rican voters, there are still some misconceptions we feel the need to dispel. Here are some basic facts.


Some of the comments in a recent Fusion article about Puerto Ricans would lead one to believe that all Latinos should be lumped in one group. Let’s be clear: Mexico is a country south of the United States; Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean. Like Mexicans, Puerto Ricans speak Spanish and have Spanish colonial roots. Unlike Mexicans, they are U.S. citizens and have been since 1917 when Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones Act granting them citizenship…

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