Liberty and justice for all?

TatteredFlagIn my last post, I suggested that the money concentrated in the hands of a few was corroding American democracy. Now, after thinking about the torture revelations and listening to Cheney and others defend them, I can no longer turn away from the reality that we are not who we think we are and perhaps never were.

Can the patriots who proclaim American exceptionalism ever see through the myths that we have been comforting ourselves with? The complacency of many regarding what is being accepted as the necessity of torture “to keep us safe,” is akin to denial or ignorance of the crucial role of slavery in creating American wealth and the scars that descendants of slaves still bear today. The scandal of welfare for Wall Street but not for the poor, the stowing of captives in dark holes, the 24/7 surveillance of Americans’ phone calls and emails, the bias of the Supreme Court, racist police brutality and mass incarceration for private profit are accepted and largely ignored. These belie the proud characterization of the U.S. as the “land of the free.”

In what kind of democracy can corporate interests buy elections and policy? America, Who Are We? Not America the Beautiful.

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