Forgotten subway pastime

I was on the subway this morning, riding with a neighbor. A snippet from our conversation:

Me: I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people without a handheld electronic device.

Engrossed in WSJ

Engrossed in WSJ
photo by C Pichler

Neighbor: Not so long ago on the morning ride, the subway car was filled with newspapers, neatly folded and held up, hiding most of the faces.

Me: Many faces are still hidden. They are underneath the bent heads that are concentrating on email, games and perhaps even news. The rest have wires streaming from their ears. Their eyes are closed and a beatific expression reveals their enjoyment of their music.

Neighbor: Well, I am a relic. I like to read the newspaper on newsprint because my eyes stare at the computer all day. [He’s a graphics designer.]

Last week I was reading my paper as usual, and a young woman was sitting next to me.

She looked at my newspaper and asked me what it was!

Shocked silence on my part.

Best use for newsprint?

Best use for newsprint?
photo by David McDermott


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2 responses to “Forgotten subway pastime

  1. Ben

    and when they got off the train: walking-while-PDA-ing. my favorite.

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