Bring in the clowns and be wary

I stand by my assessment of the second Republican debate as “fun,” though most people disagree. I had fun watching Trump’s antics, both his words and his body language; Christie’s sharp wit and Bush’s evasions. Perhaps I was able to enjoy the marathon debate because I can’t bring myself to take these people seriously, I can’t wrap my mind around the possibility that one of these clowns could potentially be President of United States. I still have faith in the electorate.

I admit that’s not fair to Fiorina, Paul or Kasich. They were the grownups in the room.

CarlyFiorinaIf only Carly hadn’t described the Planned Parenthood videos with such relish. Her intent to discredit an organization that provides health care — including, but by no means limited, to contraception and abortion — for women is shameful. The videos are indeed gruesome and shocking, but they were assembled and highly edited by the anti-choice Center for Medical Progress. Until she began to talk about the videos, I was admiring her preparation and steely gumption in facing down Trump.

But she totally lost me when she lunged into her fear-mongering vilification of Planned Parenthood. I’m left with the two alternatives: Either she, a smart and well-read woman, knows the truth about PP but decided to cater to the far-right wing with deliberate lies; or she’s not so smart, not capable of critical thinking, not able to distinguish propaganda from truth and facts, which would have rendered the rest of her performance and previous accomplishments impossible. Either scenario disqualifies her as an aspirant to the highest executive position in the world. She has some nerve accusing Hillary Clinton of lying at every opportunity.

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