Notes on the 4th GOP Debate

I have to start with Carly Fiorina. CarlyFiorinaI just can’t abide her condescension. Forever stabbing her finger at the audience, she presumes they know nothing and talks down to them as if they were still in elementary school. I don’t want to imagine such a mean-spirited scold in the White House. Fiorina accuses HRC of lying while she herself tells whoppers— touting, for example, her record as CEO, which alone should disqualify her. She twists everything, from Benghazi (Clinton and Obama lied) to Dodd-Frank (“how socialism starts”). Really?

TrumpListeningThe Donald is losing steam— his bubble has been pricked, and the hot air is leaking out. Nick Kristof tweeted, “Donald Trump raises the IQ of any room by leaving it.” Trump trumpeted his intimacy with Putin (they were on “60 Minutes” together), reminding me of Bush 43’s assertion that after looking Putin in the eye, he “was able to get a sense of his soul.”

RandPauldownRand Paul landed a well placed shot, reminding Trump that China is not a party to the Trans Pacific Pact, as Trump implied, and that it will be to China’s advantage, not ours, if the TPP is not ratified. (Trump calls the treaty a “disaster,” the worst ever.)

Paul would not drag us into another war as Rubio and Trump are itching to do. They want to invade Iraq to eliminate ISIS. In truth, ISIS is a threat. It is trying to reestablish the Caliphate by beheading and crucifying non-believers. Right now, there is no good course of action for the dilemma in the Middle East. Allow ISIS to expand murderously and unchecked? Or put American boots on the ground again? Really? Remember what happened the last time we did that?

TedCruzMuch has been made of Ted Cruz’s “oops” moment when he enumerated four of the five government agencies he would eliminate, naming Commerce twice. Yes, I noticed it, but, much as I dislike Cruz, he clearly is smart (even if supercilious and oily) and he was nervous. His flub is way more understandable than Rick Perry’s blooper.

FL Sen. MarcoRubioPhilosophers were dinged, notably by Marco Rubio, who said we need “more welders and less [sic] philosophers.” As it turns out, philosophy majors make almost twice as much as welders. “Plato has the last laugh,” tweeted Nick Kristof. Rubio’s remark was a neat, tacit nod to the know-nothings’ disdain for the educated “elite.”

Rubio and Cruz once more reminded the audience of their humble beginnings and immigrant Cuban fathers. Enough, already! Better than dwelling on the plight of their immigrant origins, focus on the one percent and devise a plan to pull income inequality back down to pre-Bush and even Clinton levels. (What are the chances of that happening?)

JebBushGOPdebateBen Carson visibly tried to keep his eyes open, as he must have been advised to do, but he still slumbered. When Egyptian archaeologists were asked what they thought of Carson’s assertion that the Biblical Joseph (of the coat of many colors) built the pyramids as storehouses for wheat, they reportedly said, “Do we really have to answer that?”

As for Jeb … he’s not the Jeb! he wants to be. It’s more like Jeb? (Nick Kristof)


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