Weep for Paris

WeepForParisPray for Paris.

Pray for all of us.

We grieve and we rage. As we did for Madrid and London and New York. And Beirut and Sbrenika— how many more? When? Where? How? Who will be next?

They have not taken away our resolve, but they have succeeded in terrorizing us.

This is not new— some of us remember the fear of a nuclear attack (knowing what we did to Japan) or the skyjackings and hostage-taking. But the danger was not so immediate, not so personal.

There was no Facebook, no Twitter. No agonized cries, no bloody visions, no harrowing, personal accounts confronted each of us all over the world, directly and instantaneously, as the terror played out.

There are no good old days. Evil and hatred, anger and vengeance conspire to redress old wounds, and the blood-letting doesn’t stop.


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