Trump sinks even lower. Sad!

trumpangryYesterday I asked how low can he go? It seems the answer is a lot further. Trump’s latest jaw-dropping act is to pressure Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act immediately. He wants the replacement “very quickly or simultaneously, very shortly thereafter.”

Republicans have been unable to come up with a viable replacement for the ACA in the seven years since it became law. They still cannot agree on a plan that will ensure affordable health insurance to many of the 20 million people that had no insurance before. the ACA. Does Trump not know that? Impossible.

His supporters don’t know it. They voted for Trump because they liked other campaign promises he made; they didn’t believe he was serious about repealing Obamacare. Sarah Kiff of Vox interviewed Trump voters in Kentucky who were enrolled in the ACA. In Whitley County, the uninsured rate dropped 60 percent with Obamacare, yet 82 percent voted for Trump. They thought Trump would work to lower the premiums and deductibles that had become too expensive. Debbie Mills explained :

“I guess I thought that, you know, he would not do this, he would not take health insurance away knowing it would affect so many peoples lives, I mean, what are you to do then if you cannot pay for insurance?”

Where is the president-elect’s concern for the working poor who elected him?

The Senate is incapable of moving quickly, but Trump doesn’t seem to know that either. Bills have to be written and then added to an extensive agenda. Of course, on rare occasions like the current 2-hour confirmation hearings, the Senate seems to be pushing through cabinet confirmations in record time, even though the nominees have not disclosed their financials or been thoroughly vetted. Trump has evidently convinced the senators that such investigation is not necessary with his nominees, unlike all the others that came before. His power grows ominously as he approaches the Oval Office.

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  1. Ben

    Drain the swamp, or fill it with crude?

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