Trump steps in it

Hard for me to decide whether Trump is insane or crazy like a fox. He lies and contradicts himself and tweets his outrage at “fake news,” i.e., any unfavorable press coverage. He continues to do it because that kind of behavior won him the election. But who in his right mind would ruin a potential week’s worth of good press following his maiden speech to Congress? Whether Trump actually deserved praise is a moot point, but his success in reading the complete, coherent sentences on the teleprompter for an hour is definitely an accomplishment for him.

Yet instead of basking in the acclaim for appearing “presidential” for the first time, Trump got enmeshed in the Sessions brouhaha. Though Sessions gave false answers under oath, Trump fumed over the attorney general’s recusal from the investigation into the contacts between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Even more difficult to understand is his claim that President Obama wiretapped the telephones in Trump Tower. If Trump’s accusation was an attempt to deflect attention away from the Sessions/Russia fiasco, the effect was to intensify attention and negative publicity. Trump either doesn’t know or assumes his base doesn’t know that a president doesn’t have the authority to order the surveillance of an American citizen. So, if Trump is wrong, he’ll look beyond stupid and vengeful.

On the other hand, if Trump is right, it’s even worse for him. The surveillance would have to have been authorized by the FISA court, based on probable cause, in effect, a charge that Trump or someone connected to him had committed a crime.

Then Trump followed his sensational accusation with a peevish complaint about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance as his replacement on “The Apprentice.” The juxtaposition of a presidential criminal act and the ratings of a TV show is striking.

We are in deep do-do, falling down a seemingly bottomless rabbit hole. Welcome to Trumpworld’s Wonderland!

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