How far out will Trump be allowed to go?

When will Republicans acknowledge that Trump has gone over the deep end? What more does the president have to do to convince his cronies that he’s truly unhinged and dangerous? How high a price are they willing to pay for low taxes and unregulated business?

Trump’s latest twitter tantrum, insisting (as POTUS!) on his fantasy that Obama bugged his phones, is lunacy. Admittedly, it is conceivable that some actionable intelligence led a federal agency to investigate possible illegal or treasonable activity in Trumpworld. But that hypothesis became untenable when FBI Director James Comey took the unprecedented step of going over Trump’s head by instructing the Justice Dept. to deny the accusation publicly. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, in a better position to know than anyone else, also denied it.

Yet Trump continues to repeat his claim. How a man with such a weak hold on reality be trusted with the nuclear codes? North Korea launched a missile last week; today he launched four of them. What happens when these two puerile bullies confront each other? A game of chicken with unthinkable consequences.

It’s time the Republican leadership put their country ahead of partisanship. Every day Trump wades out a little farther. He is way out of his depth now. He is going in over his head and will drown the whole country with him.

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