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The Well-Dressed Horses of Palermo

Everyone loves horses and has at some time or other dreamed of sitting in a horse-drawn carriage. Tourists especially like to ride them. Palermo offers horse-drawn carriages wherever tourists hang out in Palermo. The horses look much fresher than the ones on Central Park South in New York City, who seem rather more tired and weary. The Palermo horses’s millinery shows an Italian sense of style.

They wear lace-trimmed straw hats:










and casual straws



slouch hats adorned with flowers
and a plain model for the guys

dress-up frilly ones









and lest you think the men can’t be elegant too

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Election 2016: Cup count poll predictions

Hillary or Trump?

The Monogram Shop in East Hampton has its own poll to predict the winner. The shop makes cups for presidential elections, one boosting the Republican candidate and the other, the Democrat. Whichever candidate’s name sells the most cups will  take the White House.
Cup sales predictions

It’s worked before:Cup sales

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New York City panhandling party

There’s a lot more to say about the American Chemical Council’s loyalty to poison plastic, but it’s time to lighten up.

If you ride New York subways, even occasionally, you’ll appreciate this.

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Larry come Nightly

LarryWilmoreBy Diane Vacca, ComedyBeat | When he named The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore made clear his strong connection to The Daily Show, where he was Jon Stewart’s “Senior Black Correspondent.” Nightly follows Daily in several ways. Most obvious is the literal: night follows day and the two shows are broadcast back to back. Wilmore reprises the role he played on Daily, where being black and how that colors living in American society was his beat. In Nightly, Wilmore widens his scope to encompass all the pressing issues of the day, but blackness is always present, whether in the spotlight, hovering in the background or embodied in the show’s name.

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Found on Facebook


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February 10, 2015 · 12:24 AM

Holiday dinner parties

Dinner parties used to be much simpler:

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@Oatmeal educates Ted Cruz

Responding to President Obama’s intent to regulate the internet like a utility, Sen. Ted Cruz compared net neutrality to Obamacare. The Oatmeal deducted that Cruz has no idea what net neutrality is, and endeavored to teach him (and us). Reblogging from The Oatmeal:


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