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VBI scooped the New York Times


Shanghai smog, 1993

Big Oil’s long history with climate change,” posted September 19 on this blog, asserted that “Exxon Mobil has known for almost 40 years that fossil fuels pose a lethal threat to Earth and all its inhabitants.”

Exxon’s Climate Concealment” was published today in the NY Times. The article deals with the same scandalous campaign of deceit, disinformation and denial by Exxon and other industry leaders that climate change is real and caused by burning fossil fuels. The Times clearly used the same source as VBI did, Inside Climate News, a nonprofit news organization with a Pulitzer-Prize-winning web-site, because the two articles are substantially the same.

Despite the satisfaction of “scooping” the Times by three weeks, I’m glad they eventually deemed the story worthy of publication. Their readership is (obviously) orders of magnitude greater than VBI’s, and the story is important. (No) thanks to Exxon we have wasted too much precious time trying to clean up their mess and switching to alternate forms of non-polluting energy. But petrodollars talk — very loudly — and there still remains a steep uphill climb to counteract Big Oil’s propaganda.

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Oil money and climate change

The graph above shows the money spent by the gas and oil industry in  lobbying Democratic (blue) and Republican (red) politicians in national elections from 1990-2012. The industry, which includes multinational and independent oil and gas producers and refiners, natural gas pipeline companies, gasoline service stations and fuel oil dealers, donated a total of almost $70 million in the 2012 election cycle. Ninety percent of that went to Republican candidates and 10 percent to Democrats. Seventy-five percent of the $238.7 million spent since 1990 by individuals and political action committees affiliated with oil and gas companies went to Republicans.

The top contributors in the oil and gas sector are:
It’s obvious that by accepting the millions generated by fossil fuel production the recipients of this largesse are bound to promote the interests of their benefactors. High on that list are the approval of the Keystone Pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the rejection of cap-and-trade legislation and the denial of climate change.

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