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Call me crazy

Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

But I just don’t believe you kill 149 strangers because you want to kill yourself.

The medical records of the co-pilot who deliberately crashed a plane into a mountain, killing 149 people in addition to himself, are being examined. We now know that Andreas Lubitz suffered from depression and had suicidal tendencies. We also know that he had always loved to fly — he joined a flight club when he was 14. Add to this picture that he had problems with his vision.

So, given what we know, let’s hypothesize a worst-case scenario: the likable young man who made a living doing what he loved best was diagnosed with an illness that would soon result in blindness. This knowledge made him depressed or increased his already existent depression, especially because it would mean the end of his flying. So he began to think about suicide, as blindness meant he would have to live without his life’s purpose. Even if you don’t agree that suicide is a solution, it’s not hard to understand his state of mind and follow that logic. No one would be shocked if he killed himself.

Up to here, the narrative is reasonable. BUT there is a huge gulf between pointing a loaded pistol at your own head versus killing yourself and at the same time murdering 149 people who had put their lives in your capable hands. How could an apparently non-psychopathic person deliberately allow a plane to practically glide into a mountain? There is something very big missing here. Other than terrorism, anger at the cruel world and other severely anti-social motives, why did Lubitz do what he did? There must be a lot more than meets the eye.

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