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A Catholic Nun Schooled Paul Ryan in Humility Last Night — Resist and Replace

From Esquire.com It was a Biblical beatdown. Getty BY CHARLES P. PIERCE AUG 22, 2017 While the president* was fastening on his Serious World Leader face Monday night, Speaker Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny-starver from the state of Wisconsin, was facing a carefully tailored audience at a CNN “town hall” in Racine. Because Ryan is […]

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If Romney’s elected . . .

Rejoice if you’re a Republican.

In a chilling article (read it!) Jon Chait describes the dismantling of government programs as required by Paul Ryan’s budget as Romney has adopted it with few alterations. It has already passed the House. Even if Democrats retain their majority in the Senate, the following measures can be passed by a simple majority with the budget reconciliation process:

  • repeal Obamacare
  • lower income-tax rates
  • turn Medicare for people under 55 years old into subsidized private insurance
  • increase defense spending
  • cut domestic spending, with especially large cuts for Medicaid, food stamps, and other programs targeted to the very poor.

Other changes:

  • The erosion of Roe v Wade, which made abortion safe and legal throughout the country, will continue through legislation (as Paul Ryan indicated in the VP debate) until a woman’s right to choose termination of an unwanted pregnancy will  be illegal everywhere in the U.S.
  • The watering down or repeal of Dodd-Frank (regulations intended to prevent another financial meltdown; consumer protection)

If you’re a liberal, be very, very scared.

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Songified Mashup of VP Debate

While pundits and bloggers argued about the veracity of the debaters, who won and why, The Gregory Brothers produced this musical mash-up. Watch Biden and Ryan hit the highlights and the high notes of their VP debate.

via The New York Times

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Biden v. Ryan: “That’s a bunch of malarkey”

The battle-worn hero burst into the ring with both guns blazing and pulled despairing Democrats back from the brink. The showdown was between unevenly matched opponents: Joe Biden was living history in the Senate at the same time that Paul Ryan was learning it at school.

Still, Paul Ryan acquitted himself very well. He never lost his cool, even when it was clear that he was in over his head.   Continue reading

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P-P-P-Paul Ryan (Music Video)

Would Ryan be flattered?

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan



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Ryan, Obama and the debt ceiling

With all the buzz around the election, few were talking about the looming sequestration tsunami, which, if not averted, will surely sink the economy in 2013. The Budget Control Act of 2011 is an emergency measure that was devised to force an agreement in the debt-ceiling debate of last summer. A supercommittee was charged with finding a way to achieve a $1.2 trillion reduction in the deficit. Republicans insisted on extending the Bush tax cuts— no new taxes!— while Democrats contended the revenue generated by their expiration would diminish the severity of the cuts in domestic spending demanded by the Republicans. Incorporated into the bill were measures abhorrent to both parties. The thinking was that Republicans wouldn’t permit steep cuts to the defense budget and Democrats wouldn’t allow domestic spending on social services to be slashed. But there is no agreement to date, and the cuts will kick in automatically on Jan. 1, 2013.

The White House proposed the deal, and Republicans signed on. House Speaker John Boehner and House GOP Leader Eric Cantor are now claiming that the Democrats are to blame for the lack of a plan to prevent the trigger of the draconian cuts, somehow forgetting that Republicans unanimously rejected the plan proposed by Obama.

GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan is saying (video above) that the supercommittee (of which he was a member) offered an alternative to the sequester. In fact, it did not, because Republicans on the committee, led by Ryan, denounced the cuts to entitlement programs as inadequate, and the Democrats refused to cut programs without increased revenue.

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