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No more mold on your berries

MacedoniaA change of pace — With so many hot issues to choose from and very little left of a full and eventful day to do them justice, I’m making an abrupt detour to offer a tip for lovers of fruit, especially berries, instead.

Who hasn’t bought a basket of luscious strawberries that begin to spoil before they can be eaten? Whether ruby raspberries picked under the hot summer sun or blueberries from a hothouse that are nevertheless welcome in the dark of winter, there is a simple way to make them last until every one of them can be enjoyed.

It’s called thermotherapy — treating them not with chemicals, but with heat. As counterintuitive as it sounds, a brief hot bath goes a long way towards killing the mold spores that thrive on the damp skins of berries, stone fruits and grapes.

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